Sunday, April 29, 2007

NFL Draft, 2007

With the 3rd pick of the 2007 NFL draft, the Cleveland Browns select......Joe Thomas, offensive tackle, Wisconsin. This made me very happy, because the offensive line has been the weakest part of the Browns team for the past few seasons, and they have finally made a big effort to solve this.

Then the something very interesting happened. After the Browns passed up Brady Quinn to take Joe Thomas, every other team with a shot at him also passed him up. The biggest surprise took place when the Dolphins, who were thought to have really wanted Quinn, took Teddy Ginn Jr. instead. This is when the Browns saw an opportunity that they couldn't pass up. As Quinn continued to fall past teams who were already secure at the QB position, the Browns were working out a deal with the Dallas Cowboys. Here's what happened: With seconds remaining on the Cowboys clock for the 22nd pick, a trade was announced. Cleveland gave Dallas its 2nd round pick as well as their first round pick in 2008, and Dallas gave Cleveland its first round pick, which was promptly used to take Brady Quinn.
So basically, the Browns came out of the first round with what many people are calling a "franchise" quarterback, as well as a huge offensive lineman to help protect him. I can only hope that Brady isn't as overrated as I always assumed he was while at Norte Dame.
The Browns complete draft went like this:

Joe Thomas
6-6, 313

Brady Quinn
6-3, 226
Notre Dame

Eric Wright
5-11, 190

Brandon McDonald
5-11, 181

Melila Purcell
6-5, 269

Chase Pittman
6-5, 273

Syndric Steptoe
5-9, 182
The corner back and defensive line were also problems last year, so I'm glad they filled some of those spots as well. Many ESPN pundits are calling the Browns the team with the best draft, so that's also great to see.
In OSU news, the Buckeyes had 8 players drafted:
Ted Gin, WR- Miami
Anthony Gonzalez, WR- Indianapolis
Quinn Pitcock, DT- Indianapolis
Antonio Pittman, RB- New Orleans
Jay, Richardson, DE- Oakland
Roy Hall, WR- Indianapolis
Troy Smith, QB- Baltimore
Doug Datish, C- Atlanta

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Chadwick said...

I thought that the Lions should have drafted Joe Thomas to solidify their offensive line. Instead they settle for another receiver. Matt Millen is the biggest joke in sports.

I am still in shock that Brady Quinn was available at pick 22. How is that possible? I would have figured he would be picked at worst around 9/10.

Good luck to the Browns this year. It looks like they are at least trying to get better.