Friday, November 20, 2009

Ohio State vs Michigan series, starting from various dates

Here are some interesting numbers about who leads the overall series starting from various "milestone" years throughout the history of the series:

(the game from the year mentioned is included)

From the beginning (1897): UM 57-43-6

Since OSU's first win (1919): UM 44-43-4

Since the completion of the Horseshoe (1922): UM 44-40-4

Since the completion of the Big House (1927): OSU 40-39-4

Since the tradition of the game being the last regular season game began (1935): OSU 36-34-4

Since OSU's first national title (1942): Tied 32-32-3

Since Woody came to OSU (1951): OSU 31-26-2

Since Bo came to UM (1969): UM 20-19-2

Since Bruce came to OSU (1979): Tied 15-15-1

Since Cooper came to OSU (1988): UM 11-10-1

Since Moeller came to UM (1990): OSU 10-9-1

Since Carr came to UM (1995): OSU 9-6

Since Tressel came to OSU (2001): OSU 8-1

Basically, with the exception of the first 15 games, this series has been pretty much dead even throughout the years.

** Edited to reflect the results of OSU's 21-10 win over Michigan in 2009 **