Friday, December 7, 2007

Ohio State is in the BCS title game

After Ohio State lost to Illinois, it was considered pretty much a sure fact that the Bucks were no longer a national championship contender. The loss dropped OSU to #7 in the BCS, with one game to play. But luckily for OSU, all of the teams ranked ahead of them had more than one game there was a narrow possibility that the Bucks could still make it to the title game. The only problem was, it required first and foremost, a win over Michigan.....and then for at least 5 of the 6 teams ranked above OSU to lose, which didn't seem likely.......but then things started to happen:

Nov 15 - (Thursday) #2 Oregon loses to Arizona.

Nov 17 - #7 OSU beats Michigan 14-3. #4 Oklahoma loses to Texas Tech.

OSU moves to # 5 in the BCS

Nov 24 - #1 LSU loses to Arkansas. #2 Kansas loses to # 4 Missouri.

OSU moves to #3

Dec 1 - #2 West Virginia loses to Pittsburgh. #1 Missouri loses to Oklahoma.

OSU moves to #1

SEC champ LSU moves to #2 and will play the Buckeyes in the BCS National Title game on 1-7-08 in New Orleans, LA.


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