Monday, December 17, 2007

Let it snow!

On Sunday, the conditions at Cleveland Browns stadium could be best described as "blizzard like." The Browns and Bills met in a pivotal match up in the AFC playoff race, and the conditions definitely affected the game, vastly limiting the offense of both teams. In the end, the Browns managed to pull out an 8-0 victory, which is a final score not seen in the NFL since the 1920's. All of the points scored came from special teams: Browns kicker Phil Dawson made two field goals, one from 35 yards, and one from 49 yards (which was an unbelievable kick given the conditions), and the other 2 points came from a bad snap by Buffalo's punting unit that went out of the end zone for a safety. The end of the game ended up being very dramatic, because despite having struggled to move the ball all game, the Bills managed to drive the ball down to the Cleveland 10 yard line, and were faced with 4th and 5 with 15 seconds left. The play was a screen pass and the runner was stopped was stopped short of the line to gain, giving the Browns the ball on downs, sealing the victory.
The Browns are now 9-5 and are one game ahead of Tennessee for the last playoff spot in the AFC.

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