Thursday, January 4, 2007

LLLLLoyd Carr

What can I say about Lloyd Carr? One thing is... that that at the rate he's currently going, I hope he remains the coach of Michigan football for years to come. Any Buckeye fan would. Since the hiring of Jim Tressel, Lloyd is 1-5 vs Ohio state and 1-5 in bowl games. This a trend I wouldn't mind seeing continue for years to come. It just seems that Tressel has his number. In 2005, Lloyd led his team to its worst season since 1984 at 7-5. Even Minnesota beat them last year, and of course the Buckeyes prevailed in Ann Arbor. The end of their season at the Alamo Bowl was one of the funniest things I've seen. You probably remember the crazy lateraling and "everyone and their brother on the field while it happened" type play that "almost was" and how Michigan gave up yet another 4th quarter lead to let Nebraska back into the game in the first place.
Then came 2006. Lloyd led the team to an 11-0 start and the #2 ranking and all was well in wolverineland. Then came Nov. 18. The Buckeyes 42-39 win over Michigan sent the Wolverines into a downward spiral. First, they were passed in the polls by USC and then Florida, denying them another shot at OSU and at the national title. Then 3 days ago, UM played in its 3rd Rose Bowl in 4 years. The Wolverines played decent at first, but then looked like crap in the second half. USC beat them soundly, making all 3 of those recent Rose Bowl appearances for Michigan loses. In that game Lloyd seemed to send a message to UM fans that he was going win playing traditional style football or lose trying. And that's the style I want him to have....because he'll do the later more than not if he tries that against OSU in the future. So any way, to sum it up: Lloyd is a loser of big games, and that's how I want the coach of my biggest rival to be.


Chadwick said...

At least Michigan found a way to improve this year. They managed to win every game that they led in the 4th Quarter. Unfortunately, that did not help for the Ohio State and USC game. There is always next year.

ohio_guy said...

I give 'em that, they did improve their record.