Saturday, March 24, 2007

Back from Florida

I just returned today from spending 5 days in Florida for spring break. Quite a bit happened while I was gone, most importantly, the sweet sixteen round of the NCAA Tournament. The Ohio State Buckeyes faced the Tennessee Volunteers on Thursday in game I never got to see. When I first got an Internet update of the score it was 34-18 with Tennessee leading, and I began to feel that all was lost. However, the Bucks would come out in the second half and win the game on the strength of the largest come back in NCAA Tournament history for games played in the sweet sixteen of later. OSU trailed 49-29 right before halftime, and won the game 85-84 in regulation. Ron Lewis lead the team with 25 and Conley had 17. These two were the driving force behind the effort and comeback. Oden had a very sub-par game, due to foul trouble. He only had 9 points and 3 rebounds.....but still had 4 blocks, one of which sent Tennessee's last hope shot to the floor. Another key factor in the win was that the bench players Hunter, Cook, Lighty and Terwilliger all stepped up to fill Oden's vacancy by putting up 20 points all together. #1 seed OSU will play #2 seed Memphis in the South Regional final today to see who goes to the final 4.

The Cavs played 3 games while I was gone. They lost to Charlotte and Dallas on Tuesday and Wednesday and then beat New York last night. They are now 42-27 and trail Detroit by 1.5 games in both the division and conference.

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